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If you’ve just had a hardwood installed, repaired, or removed, you’ve likely got some extra hardwood planks that you don’t know what to do with. It’s always a great idea to keep them if you can. If they’re damaged or rotted, then it’s understandable to discard them. However, a hardwood floor plank can be used for a great many DIY projects. By their nature, they’re straight and uniform in size. They’re also already sanded and finished. Here’s what you can use them for.

1 – Cutting Boards

Cutting boards come in many different shapes, sizes, and material, Hardwood cutting boards are a great option because the hardwood does not readily absorb moisture and is hard enough to withstand repeated knife strokes. However, it’s not so hard that it will damage a kitchen knife. If you have access to a saw of some sort, you can cut the planks down to useful sizes and make them into cutting boards to give as gifts.

You should make sure you’re using hardwood that is not treated with polyurethane or anything that’s not food safe. If you’re not sure of the finish on your hardwood floor, sand off the top layer before making your cutting boards. Sand it smooth, and then oil it to make it water resistant.

2 – Flower Boxes

Since hardwood planks are already rectangular, you can easily make a box out of them for flowers. The simplest option is to glue five hardwood planks together to make a flower box. If it is going in the windowsill, it doesn’t need to be watertight. If it’s going to be inside, you can make it watertight but lining the box with waterproof caulk or wood glue.

3 – Clad Your Furniture

Hardwood planks, especially aged planks, provide warmth and character to any room. If you have extra planks, you can use them as the siding for a bookshelf, table, desk, or kitchen island. They can cover your kitchen cabinets or just about any other surface. You can instantly clad something in hardwood to make it look elegant and timeless. This is especially popular for plastic items.

Some people have even chosen to cover their entire refrigerator door in old hardwood planks. You can affix them with a strong adhesive. In no time, your refrigerator will look like just another hardwood cabinet. These are just a few of the things you can do with pieces of quality hardwood.

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