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One of the big questions you may wonder about when it comes to hardwood flooring is the length. There are so many options out there you may be wondering if the board lengths really matter or need that much considering. All the elements of your flooring choice are important and can affect your finished product. The choices you make for your flooring affect how it will work for you and if it will be cohesive with your lifestyle.

Many people think they won’t notice the lengths of their flooring after it is installed. The board length does affect the way the finish product looks and is especially important when working with materials outside of on site finished wood. You may have noticed that finding the board length from big manufacturers is challenging, they wouldn’t be hiding this information if it didn’t matter after the floor was installed.

Long length flooring is a great way to make the home feel big and airy because of the visual impact it creates. The long boards cause your eyes to move through the room making it look and feel open. This technique works great in small spaces. A 10′ board isn’t as common but it is a really show stopper when installed in an big open space.

While long lengths are important, varied lengths are also important. A good mixture of board lengths is common in hardwood flooring because it looks more natural. The mixed lengths add a good amount of variety while still drawing your eyes through the space. Some flooring manufacturers sell a fixed length flooring or have very set lengths to their “mixed” length options. These options make the flooring look choppy or patterned and are not as natural looking. Often times even if its real wood these standard length boards will look like faux wood.

When working with wide plank flooring the board length is even more important. A wider plank will draw more attention to the floor and make it more of a show piece. You will want the floor to have long length to give it the most elegant and beautiful finished look. The wide planks need to be elongated by the longer length boards to stop them from looking choppy or unnatural.

When shopping for hardwood you will definitely want to ask the salesperson about board lengths. Mills are a great resource for long length boards and can direct you to a great distributor in your area.

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