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Moving can be a big process but one of the areas that can be most adversely affected is the flooring. Depending on the time of the year you are moving there can be a lot of moisture tracked in as well as chemicals like ice melt. If you are moving into a new home you will likely want to keep everything beautiful and clean during your move so you can enjoy your wonderful new home after you are all settled. These tips will help you limit the stress and damage done to your floor.

Put down a protective layer. Masonite is a great way to protect the main walkways of your home. There hardboard sheets are great for adding a solid layer of protection between your floor and your feet. Ram board is another great option for protecting your floor but it is thinner than masonite. Ram board comes in a roll which makes it easier to lay out and protect your floor. Moving blankets are a great option for wrapping around any furniture or electronics and can help protect your floor from being scratched or dented while things are moved in and keeps the floor safe when you put heavy furniture down. It also helps to keep your items safe which is a win win.

Don’t slide boxes or furniture on the floor. Sliding boxes can scratch or gouge for your flooring. Felt pads should be added to all furniture and chair legs. This helps to protect the floor during the move and beyond. Felt pads should be used on furniture that doesn’t move as well to keep the floor below from getting imprint marks.

Put out mats for wiping your feet. Wiping your feet to remove rocks, moisture and other debris can really protect for your floor.

A moving company is a great way to ensure your floors will not become damaged during the moving process. Movers are experienced on how to protect your flooring, move furniture through your home and do these things efficiently.

After moving you will want to take the time to clean the floors. Removing all the dirt and debris from your floor is vital to preserving the top coat. Dusting with a swiffer or a dry mop will help keep your flooring well preserved.

Keeping your floors safe during a move doesn’t require a lot of time and effort, just some preventative measures.

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