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A domestic hardwood is any hardwood that is sourced from within the United States. The most common ones are oak, hickory, and maple. If you walk into a house with hardwood flooring in the United States, it likely has one of these types of wood. Therefore, people looking for something different often look to exotic hardwoods. Exotic hardwoods are those that are sourced from outside of the United States. Brazil is a common source of hardwoods. Imported hardwoods have limitations, hough. That’s why woods such as Pacific Madrone are popular. Madrone has the positive features of an exotic hardwood with none of the limitations.


Limitations of Imported Hardwoods

Imported hardwoods are limited by the need to ship the hardwood long distances. That means that they often have to pass through multiple borders and customs stations. Those different borders could add taxes or duties to the wood as it’s passing through; that will mean higher prices for the consumer.

The prices of exotic hardwoods can also be higher simply because it costs more money to ship wood farther. Shipping it farther means more labor hours and more fuel burned to get the wood to you. Finally, imported hardwoods are often cut short and skinny to pack as many pieces of wood as tightly as possible in a shipping container. That means you’ll have a much harder time finding wide plank hardwood or longer planks.


Features of Pacific Madrone

 Pacific Madrone is unique in its beauty. The wood has warm tones that range from amber to a rich tone that is almost red. The grain is even, tight, and fairly smooth. That means that it works well for semi-gloss and gloss finishes. When polished, it responds well to a high shine. The most unique feature is the sheer versatility of tones. Woods from even the same batch of madrone can be cream, salmon pink, burgundy red, and coffee brown. That makes for a truly unique type of floor.

Furthermore, madrone is a very hard wood. It is a 1460 on the janka hardness scale, which is about 15% harder than the most common species of red oak. Lastly, the wood is from the Pacific coast of the United States. That means that it does not have as many shipping and packaging concerns as imported hardwoods. You’ll be able to find it in wide planks, long planks, and everything in between.

If you’re looking for a new hardwood floor, you should consider Pacific Madrone.

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